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October 23, 2012

There are plenty of legal recruitment consultants out there, particularly in the Leeds and Manchester legal markets, and choosing one you like and trust is a difficult process.  However, it is a really important decision as you want a legal recruiter who is going to give you the service you require.  Speaking to friends who have moved is good starting point, otherwise really carry out some due diligence and find a recruiter you feel comfortable with.

At CapeClarke, we hold the values of integrity, honesty and openness as core to our business.  As ex-solicitors (and being in your shoes) we know the benefits of using a good legal recruiter but also know what hacks candidates off.  We endeavour to minimise such situations even if it makes the process much more difficult for us.

We believe we operate a legal recruitment consultancy that benefits candidates and clients alike for a multitude of reasons, the main ones being:

1.  Had they stayed within the law, both co-owners of CapeClarke would now be mid-level solicitors in large commercial law firms.  This gives us an invaluable knowledge of what it is like to work within a commercial law firm, rather than an “idea” as to what the benefits and pressures are of working in such a firm;

2.  We NEVER send your CV or disclose your identity to any law firm without your express authority.  One of the common criticisms of legal recruiters is that CVs are “scatter-gunned” around the market.  Unfortunately, some recruiters do operate that way, but CapeClarke does not.  We will always talk to you in detail about opportunities before making an application on your behalf;

3.  We do not operate using KPIs in terms of how many CVs are sent to clients or how many phone calls have to be made – therefore, the benefit for candidates is that we will not be discussing impossible opportunities just because we have a target to hit, we will only discuss with you suitable opportunities that are relevant to your skillset and experience.  For clients, you will not be receiving superfluous CVs of candidates you would never be interested in;

4.  We act for the vast majority of commercial law firms across the North of England, so you will generally be presented with relevant opportunities in the market.  However, we will be completely open with you about law firms we do not currently act for, so you can make those approaches yourself, should you be interested in working there.  Unlike most recruiters, if we know of a live role at a firm that will not using a legal recruiter, we will inform you of the role and advise you to apply directly as to do otherwise, we would be prejudicing your chances of securing the role; and

5.  CapeClarke prides itself on the consultative element of the recruitment process.  We aim, where location allows, to meet with every candidate that registers with us.  As we have built relationships with partners over a period of years, this allows us to be able to assess whether personalities will fit within certain teams or, indeed, within certain firms.  You learn so much more about a person over a coffee than you do on a phone call!


If you would like to discuss this blog, have been thinking about a move or would just like some general advice about options in the market, please feel free to contact Terry Cape or Chris Clarke on 0113 2385965.

CapeClarke is a leading niche legal recruitment consultancy operating across Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool and London. Please feel free to check out our priority legal vacancies by clicking here.  Please note these legal vacancies are only a small selection of those we have been instructed on, so please get in touch if you do not see a role which looks suitable.


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