Year: 2011

Positivity breeding…?

Whilst CapeClarke commented on the decline of training contracts a few months ago, it is interesting to note the recent press release from the Office for National Statistics. Solicitors working in private practice law firms are now paid 6.4% more than they were in 2007.  You may say that the rise is not outstanding – […]

CapeClarke Launch Event

To celebrate the launch of CapeClarke legal recruitment, we hosted a launch event at SoBe Bar (11-13 Hirsts Yard, Leeds, next to Mook) on Thursday 3rd November 2011. SoBe is a relatively new venture in Leeds, bringing South Beach (or, SoBe) style to the downstairs area and a New York feel to the upstairs bar.  We were delighted […]

CapeClarke Launch Event!

We would like thank everyone who joined us at our launch event at Sobe in Hirst’s Yard in Leeds. We felt privileged that so many of our legal contacts and friends turned up to support us. It is true that there is no other profession where free drinks result in attendance….wink wink nudge nudge [Best_Wordpress_Gallery […]

The Need for Business Development

Terry Cape remembers being asked the question in a training contract interview whether you could get away without business development in your legal career.  He responded that you could, but you could not expect to keep up with your more network-focused contemporaries if business development was not high on your agenda.  The answer gained eager […]

Guide to Interview Success

Prior to any interview, we will provide you with bespoke advice as to how to approach that interview. However, we have set out below some very general tips which should assist you in any interviews you secure. PREPARATION Know the address and time of the interview as well as the names and titles of all […]

Phone Interviews – How to crack them!

Phone interviews are increasingly being used for screening international candidates, and we find that it is being used more and more often as a “first interview” for candidates. Here are some tips to make the phone interview create some impact with the client. 1. Prepare for the interview in the same way you would for […]

An Interesting Summer: to Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Twitter is fast becoming the celebrity’s favourite social media tool. It is used to inform the world of every detail of their private lives, their thoughts on important public issues or even what they think of the latest cinematic release. There is a fine line between unashamed self-promotion and egotistical bluster and nobody really cares […]

Training Contract Numbers Decline Short Term Fix or Long Term Transition?

According to the latest annual statistics report from the Law Society there has been a 16% decrease in the number of training contracts available in 2010-2011, from 5,809 to 4,874. The figure peaked in 2007-2008 with 6,303 training contracts on offer; hence we have seen a 23% fall at the current level. These stats run alongside a 5% increase in the number of Legal Practice Course (LPC) places, currently at 15,166 (2010-2011). It is clear to the casual observer that these two figures are resulting in the

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