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Refer a Friend
1. Candidates who are already registered with CapeClarke will be excluded from the Refer a Friend scheme (Refer a Friend).
2. In order to qualify for Refer a Friend, your friend must provide your name in writing at the time of registration.
3. Your friend must be placed in a permanent qualified solicitor role within 6 months of registration.
4. You will be entitled to receive your Refer a Friend vouchers after your friend has completed 12 weeks of employment with their new employer.
5. Only one Refer a Friend gift will be given to the first individual named on registration in respect of each placement.
6. Referral rewards do not apply to fixed term contract placements of less than 6 months nor to referrals of paralegals.
7. CapeClarke does not provide vouchers to any family member of the introduced individual.
8. No cash alternative is available, unless at the Directors’ discretion.
9. CapeClarke has the right to suspend or terminate the Refer a Friend Scheme at any time without notice.
10. Referral vouchers are provided at the discretion of the Directors of CapeClarke. CapeClarke’s decision is final.

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