Phone Interviews – How to crack them!

September 10, 2011

Phone interviews are increasingly being used for screening international candidates, and we find that it is being used more and more often as a “first interview” for candidates. Here are some tips to make the phone interview create some impact with the client.

1. Prepare for the interview in the same way you would for a face to face interview.

2. Make sure you get the interviewer’s name right and then use it as appropriate during the interview this will help create rapport, in what is a difficult environment to do so.

3. Have a list of things you feel you really need to get across in the interview. If it helps put key words on some cards and place them where you can see them to remind yourself.

4. Dress for the part so you feel professional – this will come across in the interview.

5. Stand and pace if it will help you breath and project your voice as best you can. If there is no room to do so make sure you are seated comfortably but not too laid back.

6. Keep a pen and paper handy for you to take notes in case you have questions.

7. Keep a copy of your resume handy to refer to.

8. Keep your mobile phone off.

9. Don’t smoke, chew gum, eat or drink. Do keep a glass of water handy, in case you need to refresh your mouth, but if you do say: “Please excuse me while a take a sip of water”.

10. Smiling while talking will project a positive image and change the tone of your voice. Speak slowly and enunciate clearly.

11. Very important – don’t interrupt the interviewer.

12. Don’t answer “yes” or “no” but keep answers succinct. Take your time – it’s perfectly acceptable to take a moment or two to collect your thoughts.

13. Remember your goal is to get a face-to-face interview.

14. Thank the interviewer for his or her time and say that you hope to meet them in person.

15. Don’t be afraid to ask what the next step is from here. What is the timeline for the recruitment campaign?


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