“Ghosting” – candidates…please read

October 29, 2021

On the brink of Halloween there is a new kind of Ghosting occurring in the recruitment sector, that has the potential to be far scarier than any well-designed haunted house.

Ghosting by candidates of both the client and their recruiter is starting to occur in a way we haven’t seen before.


For those that do not know, Ghosting is “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”


Now doing that in one’s personal life is one thing, but to do that within your professional life has far reaching consequences. We act solely within the legal recruitment sector, so I would not like to comment on the consequences of other sectors, but with the legal sector this is important. A solicitor holds themselves out to be of a certain character. The SRA treats your integrity to be a solicitor as seriously as your knowledge and skills. I am not going as far to suggest that by simply ignoring someone, the SRA will strike you off, however it is a slippery slope.


For some reason this seems to be happening with the more junior lawyers/candidates. From speaking with our clients, they have confirmed this.


Let me stress this as strongly as I can. Law firms remember! Recruiting Partners remember!


If for whatever reason you no longer wish to proceed with an application process or you no longer wish to start with your new firm on the agreed start date, communicate this with us. We will handle this in the best way on your behalf, so you avoid burning bridges for the future. Or at the very least communicate with the actual law firm. We (as recruiters) are here to act as a buffer for you, but please do not ignore your new law firm’s communication.


We are here to help!

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