The world’s your oyster: a legal career abroad?

May 15, 2016

With the world increasingly globalised and well connected – both socially and economically – we have seen an ever growing number of Britons seeking to ply their trade abroad in recent years. This has been reflected in the increasing number of UK qualified lawyers practising from such diverse locations as Dubai, Paris, Monaco or even the paradisiacal Cayman Islands. With this in mind, we look at the more popular destinations for internationally-minded lawyers and give our thoughts on the areas of law which are in growth there.

The Cayman Islands & the Caribbean

Taking into account the pearl white beaches and the near constant blue sky, it’s not incredibly difficult to see why the Caribbean (the Cayman Islands in particular) are such a popular destination with most people, let alone lawyers! These are not the only perks, however. Given the fact that a significant number of high and ultra-high net worth individuals are based here, alongside a slew of big international companies, there is ample opportunity for lawyers to be exposed to excellent quality work in the following areas: Taxation, Estate Planning, Corporate Finance, Insolvency and Commercial. We have, for example, been recently instructed on a fantastic insolvency role based in the Cayman Islands.

Dubai & the Middle East

A strong contingent of British expats has steadily grown in the Middle East over the past decade, particularly so in Dubai. It’s therefore no surprise to hear that an increasing number of lawyers have been taking up the opportunity of diversifying their experience by moving out there. Because of the vast number of huge property developments and projects in this part of the world, we tend to see lawyers from a Construction, Real Estate and Corporate Finance background especially making the move here. The fact that the personal tax laws are also incredibly accommodating also certainly helps! Legal recruitment into Dubai is currently incredibly buoyant, so now really is the time…

Monaco, Paris & Continental Europe

Europe remains a major player in the Global market and certain parts of it, such as Monaco and Paris, are home to very high quality instructions in the niche fields of Superyacht Finance and Acquisitions as well as Tax-planning and Corporate Law. To illustrate this, for example, we have recently helped a Leeds based NQ secure a career-changing Superyacht role with a top international law firm in Paris.

Thinking about a move abroad..?

There is ample opportunity for lawyers to look at diversifying their experience abroad in 2016 so, if you’re thinking about taking the first steps to moving internationally, then please do get in touch. We have experience of assisting with international moves and we would be very happy to advise you.


If you have been thinking about a move or would just like some general advice about options in the market, please feel free to contact one of the team on 0113 2385965.

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