CapeClarke Legal Recruitment Annual Mince Pie Connoisseurs Taste Test Extravaganza (2020 Edition)

December 7, 2020

There are many words which spring to mind when looking back on 2020 – “unprecedented”, “uncertain”, “hopeful” and, now more than ever, “hungry”. Whilst there may not have been a huge amount to cheer for this year, today is the day that the tide turns. No, I’m not referring to the forthcoming Pfizer vaccine. Or the fact that the Government has agreed to pay for kids’ school meals. I’m talking “bigger picture” here, something universally recognised as “good”, something that will unite the disparate voices of humanity at a time when unity is needed most.

Rejoice, dearest friends, for the now (in)famous CapeClarke Legal Recruitment Annual Mince Pie Connoisseurs Taste Test Extravaganza is back and it certainly hasn’t lost its sense of taste!

Not another word on the subject of viruses, lockdowns and civil unrest – let’s make way for the *real* headliner of 2020. And so, without any further ado, here are our verdicts on 2020’s most notable (and forgettable) seasonal delights:


Oh, Kenneth – 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. I understand that, I’m not totally devoid of empathy. But, by the beard of Zeus, it really has been a bad one for your Mince Pie department, hasn’t it?  A worse pie than last year’s – if that were actually possible.  A pie so deeply wrong, so hideous, that it should have been released at Halloween. This doesn’t taste like Christmas, Ken – it tastes like detoll and broken winter dreams.

Result: 2/10

M&S Red Label

There are very few things in life which one can be sure are genuinely true – death, taxes, and M&S making a damn good Mince Pie year in, year out. We once again begin with the (perhaps ironically named) ‘basic’ range of M&S and are delighted by the pastry and the rich, almost velvety mincemeat. Spot on. Are you watching Ken?

Result 8 /10


A new contender enters the fray.  I mean, honestly, why haven’t Waitrose pies been considered before? A mistake on behalf of the organisers, perhaps? Perish the thought…Waitrose mince pies are famous for their rich mincemeat and top-notch pastry. We, at CapeClarke, very much concur. What an absolute treat of a yule delicacy. Wow.

Result: 9/10

M&S Connoisseur Range

Last year, I revealed that I still occasionally have vivid dreams of the M&S Connoisseur Range Mince pies. You can therefore imagine my excitement at tucking into one of these delights this week. Everything from the way it looks, to the way it crumbles and reveals a ludicrously tasty filling – this is touching perfection. If I had to eat only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be one of these bad-boys, hands-down.

Result: 9.5/10


Time for the Clash of the Titans, the annual “Rumble in the Oven” – can M&S pull off an Anthony Josua-esque feat of redemption and win back its prestigious prize against all odds? Could they really make a better pie than Betty’s, the famed winners of the last CapeClarke Legal Recruitment Taste Extravaganza? In short, YES.

Result: 9/10


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