CapeClarke Annual Mince Pie Connoisseurs Taste Test Extravangaza – 2018 Edition

December 20, 2018

It hasn’t yet snowed this year but Black Friday has been and gone, the John Lewis annual tv ad is out and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..! As ever, there’s just one thing left to decide and it just may be the most important – it has been 3 years in the making but we’re delighted to announce that the now (in)famous CapeClarke Legal Recruitment Annual Mince Pie Connoisseurs Taste Test Extravaganza is back, with an updated 2018 version. No longer will you be haunted by nightmares of serving up under-par Mince Pies to your guests at Christmas – here are our verdicts on 2018’s most notable (and forgettable) seasonal delights:

M&S Red Label

M&S have really pulled their socks up since our last tasting. Starting at the (almost laughably named) ‘basic’ range of M&S, we were delighted by the pastry and the rich, almost velvety mincemeat. If this is M&S’s “basic” range, then we can’t wait to see the others!

Result 8 /10


Oh, Ken – whilst M&S clearly took on the feedback from our last publication, it is clear that your team haven’t. They really should have. Honestly, this year’s pie is worse than the one 3 years’ ago. How did they manage that? A pie in name only, the pastry was soggy and the mincemeat dry. This doesn’t taste like Christmas, Ken – it just tastes like disappointment.

Result 3 /10


What many consider “the standard” in terms of Mince Pies, Sainsbury’s have yet again made a serviceable yet ultimately uninspired pie. Whilst the pastry is again quite firm, the mincemeat is a real disappointment.

Result: 5/10

M&S Connoisseur Range

At the time of writing, I still occasionally have vivid dreams of this year’s M&S Connoisseur Range Mince pies. Everything from the way it looks, to the way it crumbles and reveals an unbelievably tasty filling – this is touching perfection. Just writing about one of these pies without one in my mouth makes me feel sad.

Result: 9.5/10


Now the question is, of course, can M&S do a “Leicester City” and win an equally prestigious prize against all odds? Could they really make a better pie than Betty’s, the famed winners of the last CapeClarke Legal Recruitment Taste Extravaganza? In short, no. Betty’s pies are still every bit as amazing as you would imagine them to be. It was close this time, but Betty’s are once again the winners!

Result: 10/10


So there you have it…we aren’t just outstanding legal recruitment consultants, we are unbiased food critics too!! Where do our talents end…

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